Hallo lieber Gast

Hallo lieber Gast, willkommen in den klaren Weiten im Norden Deutschlands, begleite mich auf meinen Pfaden durch die Natur, Ausflügen und Reisen, auf der Suche nach Ruhe und Anregung. Entdecke mit mir Linien und Freiräumen, die die Perspektiven, die Vielfalt der Farben und Formen dieser Welt und unserer Natur uns bieten und genieße Momente der Nachdenklichkeit, Poesie und philosophischen Worte großer Dichter und Denker, manchmal auch meine eigenen lyrischen Texte dazu.

Schön, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast - wunderbar, Dich hier zur wissen!

" Ich muss mich ganz im Stillen mit meiner Außenwelt reiben,. sonst werde ich untauglich für die Welt."

- Paula Modersohn-Becker

inner tranquillity


Experience has shown me that the greatest inner tranquillity comes from developing love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove our fears and insecurities and gives us the strength to face obstacles - it is the ultimate source of success in life.

- Dalai Lama

This photo is taken during my Iceland travel in November 2015 (find more of my posts about Iceland clicking the link!!)  - unforgettable moments 





Natur spricht laut in Wort und Schrift
Du mußt nur Windeswehen
Und Duft und Klang und Wald und Trift
Und Fels und Meer verstehen!

Ein jeder Baum, der braust in Wettern,
Und jede Blume auf der Flur,
Und jeder Zweig ist voll von Blättern
Der Offenbarung der Natur.

Auf jedem Blatt steht licht und offen:
"O glaub' an helle Frühlingsluft!"
Auf jedem Blatt steht grünes Hoffen,
Still flüsternd um die Blumenbrust.

Auf jedem Blatt steht groß geschrieben:
"Der Geist der Lieb' durchweht die Flur!"
Auf jedem Blatt steht: "Lieben! lieben!"
Als Offenbarung der Natur.

Hermann Rollett, 1819 - 1904

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My North - Real Poetry


“Real poetry, is to lead a beautiful life. 
To live poetry is better than to write it.”

― Basho

Skywatch Friday - Our World Tuesday- My Corner of the World

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We also had no snow this winter, like many regions in the world where it would have been natural to have some, but we had sunsets this winter. Indescribably beautiful, with colors that were simply fabulous. I have seldom photographed so many sunsets.


The crocuses were first!


The Crocuses

They heard the South wind sighing
A murmur of the rain;
And they knew that Earth was longing
To see them all again.

While the snow-drops still were sleeping
Beneath the silent sod;
They felt their new life pulsing
Within the dark, cold clod.

Not a daffodil nor daisy
Had dared to raise its head;
Not a fair-haired dandelion
Peeped timid from its bed;

Though a tremor of the winter
Did shivering through them run;
Yet they lifted up their foreheads
To greet the vernal sun.

And the sunbeams gave them welcome.
As did the morning air
And scattered o'er their simple robes
Rich tints of beauty rare.

Soon a host of lovely flowers
From vales and woodland burst;
But in all that fair procession
The crocuses were first.

First to weave for Earth a chaplet
To crown her dear old head;
And to beautify the pathway
Where winter still did tread.

And their loved and white-haired mother
Smiled sweetly 'neath the touch,
When she knew her faithful children
Were loving her so much.

by Frances Ellen Watkins

Yes, these little crocuses are always the first in my garden, strong little beauties. I'm every year again thrilled to discover that they are out. And the early bees love this energy filling station too.