Hannover bei Nacht und Rilke


Die Nacht wächst wie eine schwarze Stadt,
wo nach stummen Gesetzen
sich die Gassen mit Gassen vernetzen
und sich Plätze fügen zu Plätzen,
und die bald an die tausend Türme hat.

Aber die Häuser der schwarzen Stadt, –
du weißt nicht, wer darin siedelt.

In ihrer Gärten schweigendem Glanz
reihen sich reigende Träume zum Tanz, –
und du weißt nicht, wer ihnen fiedelt...

Rainer Maria Rilke, 1875 - 1926

For more beautiful skies: Skywatch Friday


The beauty of simple things - 1


The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - 
often an unconscious, 
but still a truthful interpreter - 
in the eye. 

Charlotte Bronte

Blooming peppermint in the herb garden is the start of new series - "the beauty of simple things" and I hope you enjoy it. Seeing deeper is very important for in my whole life, with my camera, my brushes and my words. I would be very pleased if you follow me on my way. Wish you all a great Sunday and a perfect new week.

Sincerely yours,



Photo of the Day by Isabella Kramer


Happy and proud that my photo "When summer's end is nighing" is a winner and becomes the Photo of the day on HIPSTOGRAPHY.

Lens: ADLER 9009
Clarity: 30

Southern Corners 2 - Porquerolles


The island of Porquerolles, France is one of these places on earth which have become a part of my heart. I know this lovely island more than 20 years and it hasn't change its beautiful face.

Located in the gulf of St. Tropez at the heart of Provence and French Rivera. Here you can see how near ( 5km) the mainland is.

You can reach the island by ferries and shuttles and had to leave your car at the mainland. Or you take your boat ... I think this car-less situation is one of the secrets of the beauty of Porqerolles.

the Telegraph wrote:

Granted, it's a summer crush in the day-time island village. So take a bike, or a pair of legs (the island is car-less), and make for the Plage Notre-Dame. This is the white-sand, commerce-free, pine-fringed and herb-scented Med beach about which you dreamed all winter in front of the gas fire. The clever thing is to stay over on the island so that, when the last day-trippers have ferried away, you may share balmy Med evenings with the discerning fewer.

.. and we stay and enjoyed some peaceful days in September 2015 - we have to refresh it.

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