Hallo lieber Gast

Hallo lieber Gast, willkommen in den klaren Weiten im Norden Deutschlands, begleite mich auf meinen Pfaden durch die Natur, Ausflügen und Reisen, auf der Suche nach Ruhe und Anregung. Entdecke mit mir Linien und Freiräumen, die die Perspektiven, die Vielfalt der Farben und Formen dieser Welt und unserer Natur uns bieten und genieße Momente der Nachdenklichkeit, Poesie und philosophischen Worte großer Dichter und Denker, manchmal auch meine eigenen lyrischen Texte dazu.

Schön, dass Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast - wunderbar, Dich hier zur wissen!

" Ich muss mich ganz im Stillen mit meiner Außenwelt reiben,. sonst werde ich untauglich für die Welt."

- Paula Modersohn-Becker




Sie sprießen licht aus Waldesnacht,
Ohne reichen Duft, ohne Farbenpracht,
Unter den großen, alten Bäumen,
Über das Moos wie flutend Träumen:
Wann der Wind vorüber streicht,
Neigen sie ihre Köpfchen leicht,
Aber wo die Sonne licht
Durch die Blätterkronen bricht,
Saugen sie all das goldige Scheinen
Sehnsuchtsvoll in den Kelch, den kleinen.
So blühen sie scheu, ohne Glanz und Pracht:
Die lichten Kinder der Waldesnacht.

Therese Dahn, 1845 - 1929

Through my Lens - Our World Tuesday 


Southern Corners 6 - Girona


“So, you see, my heart is held forever by this place," she said. "I cannot leave.” 

― Susanna Kearsley

So it's for me with Girona, I've the feeling that I belong to this special place. Everything inside and around this marvelous city and region feels so right and wonderful to me and this place has stolen a big part of my heart.  So I cannot leave ... 


Southern Corners 5 - Fornells, Menorca


Fornells is undoubtedly one of Menorca’s prettiest villages. It’s an old fishing village set in a vast protected bay with a castle at the entrance, and well known for its gastronomy.

Fornells is the temple of the lobster stew par excellence. There, the chef David Coca makes locals, residents and tourists enjoy the star dish of the Minorcan cuisine from a two-storey fisherman’s house with beautiful views of the bay.

Enjoying a stroll along the promenade under the palm trees at sunset is wonderful and romantic experience.


Short time to stay


To Daffodils

Fair daffodils, we weep to see
you haste away so soon;
as yet the early-rising sun
has not attain'd his noon.
Stay, stay
until the hasting day
has run
but to the evensong;
and, having pray'd together, we
will go with you along.

We have short time to stay, as you,
we have as short a spring;
as quick a growth to meet decay,
as you, or anything.
We die
as your hours do, and dry
like to the summer's rain;
or as the pearls of morning's dew,
ne'er to be found again.

Robert Herrick


March means - a thin silver lining ...


March means - there's a silver lining of Spring and hope for a soon reopening of the outdoor saison on the horizon.

During the last two years we've spend every March some wonderful extended weekends on the island Sylt, North Sea. Not sure about this tradition this year, but I long for the sea very. All shoots during the last Sylt visit are taken with my iPhone, mostly with Hipstamatic App an I like the results.  But the next time I'll take again my Canon with me. There more possibilities includes if I've both with me. 

Just now, Winter is back again with less sun, grey days and low temperatures. But let's look at the silver lining on the horizon and hope the best.

Cordially yours,


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