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Two weeks ago we've spent holidays at Fuerteventura in a really beautiful villa. At the first day we've watched an adult cat passing the lovely planted garden. At the 2nd day while we were relaxing at the pool and terrace I heard some little kittens calling for their mom and we discovered these three cute kittens.

A bit too thin, very shy but enterprising and lively. We waited the whole day and the kittens too, but no mother returned. So we decided to feed them in the evening and they were so very hungry and thirsty.  And so we've done the whole week. They didn't leave the small area round the hole in the roof, but they played together and enjoyed the sun... and our nice food and the water.

The bad news after our holidays week is: the mother cat didn't return and we were sure these kittens are too young to survive without her. So we've informed our kind staff and Juanita immediately fall in love to them. She has assured that she will take care of the kittens. She's such a warm hearted person, that I'm sure, these story will have a




  1. So Adorable!!!! Great Pics! #MySundayPhoto

  2. Hi Isabella, fingers crossed that the kittens go on to thrive without their Mum. You've taken some lovely photos and they are lucky you were kind enough to look out for them.


  3. Cute photos, my daughters would love them

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Absolutely, totally cute story. :-)

  5. ·.
    Cute and funny photos. I love cats.
    I had a beautiful honey-colored cat, like yours, named Carlitos. He used to sleep between the legs of a great German shepherd.


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