the one and only


Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment. 

 Ellis Peters



  1. So schön zart und fein... aber das kräftige Orange der Tulpen tut auch richtig gut!!!
    Bin gerade sehr orange hungrig ; )
    Wûnsche dir ein heiteres Wochenende
    ♥-lich bis bälder bisous Brigitte

  2. I love this picture and the springtime..... nice foto isabella.

    Kisses and i wish you a lovely weekend,

    Joop x

  3. comme c'est beau, cette finesse des fleurs blanches sur un fond de couleurs ! le printemps est bien là avec tous ses cadeaux de douceurs, de couleurs, de parfums !
    j'aime cette image Isabella !
    je t'embrasse fort et je te souhaite un très joli weekend

  4. C'est un peu vrai pour chaque moment de notre vie.Pas de temps à perdre..
    Carpe diem


  5. Love this photo Veredit. Colours are beautiful!


  6. It's so lovely! Such gorgeous colors!

    Irene :)

  7. My dear Isabella, this is a very outstanding. I would never ever could create such an amazing composition. What is amazing that there are so many subjects in this beautiful photograph and you created an absolute harmony of their colors and shapes. Of course the story is told but this very tender and very soft little flowers on a branch.

    That is a mystery how you were able to blend all these colors and still directly to lead us to these wonderful flowers.

    I am stunned and amazed at the same time. Your imagination is beautiful.

    Dear Isabella, I was away from blogging for a while. I didn't like everything what i was doing with photography.

    I wish you a beautiful week and creative.

    I am sending to my love and all the best.

    Sincerely yours, Kaya.

  8. I am so happy to see everybody is falling with love with the Spring. And yes, every year, again and again.
    The tulips behind make wonderful background for tiny, white flowers.

  9. Sooo true, and wonderful photo Isabella !
    Have a nice springweek, Hugs Lasse


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