Winter is back ...


... so there's not really much to do - dreaming of warmer days, planning new SNAIL FINE ART CALENDARS for 2019, cuddling with the cats and painting flower, sunshine and places of yearning.

Wish you all a beautiful and cosy weekend.

Cordially yours,


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  1. jolie photo de ton espace de travail !
    ta production d'aquarelles est énorme
    je suis impressionnée !
    et en plus c'est très beau
    je te souhaite un super weekend

    1. wie lieb von dir Kris!
      ich freue mich so sehr über deinen Besuch hier und das nette Kompliment, das ist mir großer Ansporn.
      Ganz lieben Dank und hab einen wunderbaren Sonntag liebe Freundin.


  2. I love seeing an artist at work and the tools they use

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  3. If I could paint even a little bit as good as you, I'd spend the entire year painting.
    Love this photo also. You are so very talented!


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