springtime colors


Als wie ein Ruhetag, so ist des Jahres Ende,
Wie einer Frage Ton, daß dieser sich vollende,
Alsdann erscheint des Frühlings neues Werden,
So glänzt die Natur mit ihrer Pracht auf Erden. 

Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin


dear friends wish you all a creative and sunny spring weekend!!!

sincerely yours,  veredit



  1. So lovely... so delicat... wonderful macro!
    I wish you too a creative and sunny spring weekend:))))
    Hugs Halina

  2. Ohhh... these are so beautiful! The blue "pearl flower" is one of my favorite spring flowers!

    Great work Veredit!

    Wish you a nice weekend! : )

  3. Delicat pictures....so nice Isabella

    wonderschöne frühling stimmung.

    Liebe Grüsse aus Holland,


  4. Click molto delicati e primaverili.
    Complimenti e buona giornata,

  5. So soft and so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  6. wunderschöne. feine Foto-Poesie liebe Isabella...

    Liebe Grüsse von mir zu Dir


  7. I see the Spring colors slowly appearing here dear Isabella, but with this set of images I see them more clearly, more vividly, more deeply, and I can feel the warm winds to come. many thanks, and many good wishes for the weekend. Robert

  8. Dear Isabella, you created a beautiful poetry and fantasy of these soft and modest spring flowers.

    Light is amazing and composition is so outstanding.

    And colors are so soft and so tender.

    Just little precious fragments of beauty and you don't want to return to the real world.

    Thank you for sharing with us this lovely and priceless moments of early spring. That is wonderful!

    I send you my love and the very best wishes, my dear and talented friend.

  9. Alegres y maravillosos colores, muy bien logrados en tus fotos, amiga!!
    Un beso

  10. Beautiful colors !!!!

    Lovely shot!!!


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