Sommerherz - Summer Heart


Mein Herz, auf dem mein Sommer brennt, der kurze, heisse, schwermüthige, überselige:  wie verlangt mein Sommer-Herz nach deiner Kühle!

“All too violently my heart still flows toward you—my heart, upon which my summer burns, short, hot, melancholy, overblissful; how my summer heart craves your coolness.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche



  1. Great photo. Everything looks so delicate, I love the translucence of the petals.

  2. I love the lighting behind this, brightens it up

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Beautiful capture! I've never seen flowers like that before. Love the lighting. Clio lending helping hand for Coombe Mill

  4. Beautiful composition.
    Love the light.

  5. So beautiful, so gentle, so captivating! Dear Isabella, this is a magnificent macro with a heavenly light and amazing colors!

    Best wishes to you from me.

  6. Dear Isabella, such a beautiful flower and translucency of the petals in the soft light.
    A lovely quote from Nietzsche.
    Hugs, Dianne. xoxoxo. ❤️


  7. Ja. Melancholy könnte in Richtung Herz fließen.
    Es ist eines der menschliche Gewohnheit.

    Allerdings könnte in der Tat nicht wirklich.



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