Welcome February

February, bitter February,
Month of hope withheld and promise vain,
Drenching, under fickle smiles, the unwary
Earth with devastating rain.

Ere the limes with ruddy spear-points glimmer,
Ere the greenness leap from bush to bush,
While the starveling grass grows dim and dimmer,
And the folded snowdrops push;

Ah! be gracious, tenderly relenting,
Take not back thy gifts with churlish hand;
Let the breath of thy serene consenting
Falter through the weary land.

Rather thunder on in bleak resistance,
Swift to spoil and rigorous to deny,
Than as thus to veil the sullen distance
With thy bleared and tear-stained sky.

Arthur Christopher Benson



  1. What gorgeous photos of nature !!

  2. Lovely, Isabella.
    Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/02/abstractions.html

    1. I thank you Sue for your kind stopping by and words!!

  3. les perce-neige si délicates ! tes images sont superbes
    je te souhaite un beau mois de Février
    bises d'hiver

    1. chère Kris, grand merci et bises d'hiver pour toi aussi!!

  4. rein und zerbrechlich...! ich habe das bild lange angesehen und wie erstaunlich, denke ich jetzt, dass man immer noch dem so wunderbaren auf dieser erde begegnen kann..!
    welch ein trost, deine bilder, liebe isabella! bis bald! renée

    1. genau das ist der Grund, warum ich sie mache und so hast du mich mit deinem empathischen Hinsehen sehr glücklich gemacht.
      ganz lieben dank und einen wunderbaren Februar für dich, liebe Renée.

  5. LOVE that first image!!! The almost ghost image of the flower with the second flower...and lovely bokeh. Delicate!

    1. So happy that you like especially this one (my fav too ;-)...!!) Many thanks for your kind stopping by and your so nice support.

  6. Beautiful shots of the first suggestions of Spring.
    Thank you for joining us in Floral Friday Fotos last week!

    1. I had to thank YOU, Nick for your kindness and hosting the wonderful theme!!!


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