Hamburg Moments - 6 - 14


Speicherstadt and HafenCity: for several years these two areas grew up together, until 2008 when they were united and became an official district of Hamburg.While the historical warehouse area of Speicherstadt has long shaped Hamburg's cityscape with its brick, neo-Gothic architecture, the new development area of HafenCity, sits directly on the banks of the Elbe with an array of more modern designs.

Experience Speicherstadt

For a visit with an eye cast towards the past, have a look around the Speicherstadt. The listed buildings now house leisure activities such as the Minatur Wunderland with fascinating toy railway worlds, and Hamburg Dungeon. In this attraction visitors take a ghostly journey through the metropolis's history.

Museums can also be found in the Speicherstadt. There is German Customs Museum (Deutsche Zollmuseum), which tells the tale of customs and smuggling in Hamburg, or the International Maritime Museum with thousands of ship models and nautical charts.

Outside the old warehouses there is also plenty to do. In the long drawn out channels between the rows of buildings the barges glide along.

Despite the different architecture and the contrast of new and old, the Speicherstadt and the adjacent HafenCity are both united by their connection to the water.

by Old and New by the River Elbe


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  1. une très jolie série d'images travaillées avec des couleurs que j'aime
    cela donne une belle ambiance
    big bisous Isabella


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