summer walk


Ich hasse die Leute, die nichts bewundern,
denn ich habe mein Leben damit zugebracht, alles zu bewundern.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  1. Prendre le temps de voir, même l'infiniment petit!
    Bonne journée.

  2. E hai ammirato una meravigliosa creatura nella sua tranquilla passeggiata tra i fiori!
    La foto è bellissima! ciao Cri : )

  3. il va mettre tout l'été pour arriver en haut !
    jolie photo pleine de délicatesse !
    je te souhaite un super weekend Isabella

  4. Well, I am back as you can see, dear Isabella. As I told you on facebook (where I don't go very often I must say), this is one outstanding shot. Or was it about this one? Not sure… anyway.

    Great equilibrium and so smooth colours, pastel all the way. Very good. Have rfun, and keep up the good work! :-)

  5. Ein wundervolles Bild Isabella!
    Hier stimmt einfach alles, ...Komposition, Farben, Motiv!
    Traumhaft schön! ♥
    GLG, Brigitte


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