Berlin Stories, 26 - 30


So, hier ist unsere Sightseeing Tour durch Berlin zu Ende! Ich danke Euch allen für die vielen netten Kommentare und freue mich riesig, dass Ihr mich durch diese wundervolle Stadt begleitet habt.

bis auf bald in Euren Blogs, mit lieben Grüßen in Euren Sonntag



1 Kommentar:

  1. Woohoo!!! Not your usual style, but quite fun to look at each of them.

    You know, your photo with the sight-seeing bus, they have a name for those in France. It's French "argot" of course, but it is very very very funny. They call such a bus a "promène-couillon". I really don't know how to translate this, but I'm gonna try…

    A "promène-couillon" means a bus that carries the stupid tourists from place to place. "couillon" is not very kind nor polite, and it is used with a lot of disdain.

    End of my rambling, sorry.

    Have a fine week, dear Isabella!


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