Riposo sul Lago Maggiore, 3


Das Große ist nicht, dies oder das zu sein, sondern man selbst zu sein.

 Søren Aabye Kierkegaard



  1. Good morning to you and me - how to illustrate good feelings in the morning - must be your photo, which is more like painting. I love, Isabella!

  2. Des couleurs profondes de marais... Très belle photo!

  3. Liebe Isabella, eine fantastische Bildkomposition...

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  4. Nice colors and a lovely composition Isabella.

    Wish you a lovely day,

    Hugs, Joop

  5. Isabella, how different is your photography. How exquisite!

    I never knew that a few boats can be so mysterious and so poetic. I think it is the atmosphere you created. Atmosphere of solitude.

    MY DEEP ADMIRATION FOR THIS ART!!!! You always can turn photography into art. You always remind us that photography isn't about looking it's about imagining.

    I am thrilled and fascinated by this photograph!

    I wish you more beautiful and creative moments.

    I send you my love and my admiration!

  6. Maria, Gine, Hans-Peter, Joop, Rick and Kaya - dear friends,

    my heartfelt thanks for your visit, time and over all your beautiful comments, so much appreciate!!

    hugs and kisses,

  7. Beautiful photo. Love the blue colours.
    Great job!
    From Hilda

  8. Guten Morgen, Isabella.
    Immer wenn ich deine Fotokunst sehe,
    dann weiss ich, was mein Ziel waere.

    Liebe Gruesse,

  9. Excelente composición! me encanta!
    Otro beso

  10. Wahrscheinlich auch die "größte" Herausforderung. Gelungenes Bild dazu !


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