am Strand von Fünen


Wer allen Reichtum in sich weiß, ihn aus sich selbst lebendig macht,
 der findet Fülle, wo er steht, und Paradiese, wo er geht.


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  1. So serene!! I cannot decide which shot is my favourite - possibly the third one, or maybe the rose hips, but then, the last shot is so creative...

  2. Must be very nice there..... i like these great pictures from your hand..... nice done Isabella.

    Kisses, Joop

  3. Ohh, this is my favorite Baltic sea with beautiful soft sand and great dunes.

    I miss the Baltic Sea, my dear Isabella. I miss so much this nature. I have a feeling that in the next moment I will leave the Utah desert and will be walking along the sea shore, having this wonderful feeling of freedom and space.

    These are unbelievable photographs! They made me dream and long for the lost memories.

    Thank you my dear Isabella, for bringing nice memories into my life.


    Hugs from Kaya.

  4. perfect sea' serie...
    the last picture is special...
    very interesting

    xoxo, Juliana

  5. espectacular serie de imágenes, son hermosas todas!! Me encanta tu estilo.Un abrazo.

  6. You know, these waters are not like Mediterrane- but I am really found of our pour, dirty Baltic. At least it has beautiful shores, as at your pictures. I am in Gdynia now, so I see it every day and I love what I see..Thank you

  7. Peace and quite.
    Beautiful place.
    Thank you for sharing this moment!

    Have a wonderful Thursday Isabella! : )

  8. Schöner Strand. Jetzt habe ich gerade von meinem Urlaub am Strand zurück

  9. Encantadora serie, Isabella, me gusta mucho esta recolección de flores y frutos.
    Un abrazo

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