and then the sea, 3


Wenn du der Stunde dienst, beherrschest du die Zeit; 
wirk auf den Augenblick! er wirkt in Ewigkeit. 

Friedrich Rückert



  1. Ja, die Wellen kommen und gehen, Der Ozean bleibt.

    Einen guten Mittwoch dir.

  2. Love this photo Isabella! Wonderful light!

    Have a nice day! : )

  3. Ein fantastisches Foto liebe Isabella. Das Lich wandelt sich in Poesie...

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  4. Preciosa serie en blanco y negro!!

  5. Isabella, you are amazing with white and black photography.

    I tried so many times to convert color pictures into black and white and the results were so, so.

    This image has reach highlights, fascinating contrast ( love vivid contrast) and beautiful shadows.

    Everything is so alive in this photographs. The waves are flowing and the clouds are moving.

    Beautiful and splendid photography!!!!!

    I inspired by your B&W photography. I am not successful at it yet, but I am not giving up also.

    I send you my love and admiration from Utah, my dear talented Isabella.

    Very best wishes to you, my friend.

  6. le noir et blanc donne encore plus d'intensité à l'atmosphère de ces photos superbes ! souvenirs souvenirs?
    je t'envoie des bisous ensoleillés aujourd'hui et chauds
    happy weekend Isabella


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