nature art


Art is the nature of Nature.

Friedrich Schlegel



  1. Tus macros... siempre tan hermosos. Felicidades,

  2. It's so wonderfull Isabella.

    Greetings and a nice sunday,

    Hugs, Joop

  3. Dear Isabella,

    What's to be said? That it is beautiful? Extraordinary? Well done? Artful?

    I will not. You would be disappointed, wouldn't you? And rightly so. I will rather say that I like it a lot, and that here you show a great mastery of photographic technique and "art". And here it is, that dreaded word, art.

    Because after all, what is art? You see, I disagree with Schlegel's definition. Or rather, it is so general, even so cryptic, that it could mean about anything. It's full of sous-entendre... It is doubtful that art even implies beauty. Yet your image is indeed beautiful and seems to me to be art...

    And then, where is art in your photograph? The very idea of the image? Or rather this magnificent mastery of a very shallow depth of field? Or Nature's pastels?

    The very abyss that lies, hidden in the cold, in front of me. Thank you for this image, Isabella. Art or not, it is certainly out of the ordinary.


  4. ... und du liebe Isabella kannst es uns mit deinen Bildern noch ein bisschen näher bringen!!!
    Und das bei mir sogar noch im Pyjama ; )
    Wünsche dir einen gemütlichen Sonntag
    ♥-lich Brigitte

  5. It is just amazing. The colour and composition. Great job!
    Wish you a nice week.
    Hug from Hilda

  6. Por aquí ando, disfrutando de las cosillas que nos regalas. Un placer siempre.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  7. La belleza natural es la mas bonita.



  8. many thanks dear friends for your kind comments and thoughts.

    particularly Roger ... I'll respond in the next few days

    many thanks and a wonderful night to you all

    warm hugs from

  9. dear Roger,

    many thanks for your wonderful thoughts and your reflections ...

    The question what is art in nature, or whether my photographic work of art is easy for me. For me it is seeing, feeling and want to convey what I feel. Whether it's art, I do not think so. Nature is the artist with its diverse forms and shapes. I'm just the eye. that's all.

    warm hugs for you my friend in the cold,



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