one single impression - stars


In uns selbst liegen die Sterne des Glücks!

Heinrich Heine


  1. Wonderful and delicate Isabella!
    Dear hugs, Lasse

  2. Beautiful image. I love all the happy colors!

  3. isabella, I think that these beautiful flowers are little sunflowers. I think they are wild with their modest and shining beauty.

    Very touching and beautiful pictures. And very poetic. Wonderful colors and amazing contrast.

    This is fabulous image which filled with so much joy.

    I wish you all the best, Isabella.

  4. Una imagen esplendida; preciosos colores. Un abrazo; me gusta much tu nueva foto-perfil! wow!

  5. Que guapa estas en esa foto!
    Preciosa esa margarita, como siempre tus tomas exultantes en calidad!
    Besos amiga!

  6. Foarte reusita combinatia de culori, galbenul are foarte multa stralucire!

  7. Hermosa foto, qué increíbles colores!!

  8. Lasse, Elena, Laura P.P., Hans-Peter, Hilda, Kaya, Jorge, Elena, Bob, Marius, Laura R. and Amatta,

    dear friends,
    many thanks for your so nice wonderful thoughts and comments. I appreciate them a lot.

    warm hugs and a nice rest of the week to you -



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