Rosen und Dichter - Emily Dickinson


Nobody Knows This Little Rose

Nobody knows this little Rose
It might a pilgrim be
Did I not take it from the ways
And lift it up to thee.
Only a Bee will miss it
Only a Butterfly,
Hastening from far journey
On its breast to lie
Only a Bird will wonder
Only a Breeze will sigh
Ah Little Rose—how easy
For such as thee to die! 

Emily Dickinson



  1. Beautiful rose - love the blends of colors.
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. That is an amazing capture, so life-like. I absolutely love it.

    Fi @

  3. The clouds their Back together laid
    The North begun to push
    The Forests galloped till they fell
    The Lightning played like mice

    (Emily Dickinson / extract from "Liasses")

  4. Delightful shot!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme!


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