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"Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World, and it will one day return there."

- Paulo Coelho

*If you've come as far as the Philharmonic, it's worth heading for the Philharmonic pavilion (Elbphilharmonie Pavilion, Hamburg - Harbor City), located at the Magellan Terraces, about half a kilometre from the growing glass wave. With three storeys of steel and glass, designed by the well-known local architect Andreas Heller, the pavilion functions as a sort of overture for the Philharmonic building. Here you can see a scale model of the main auditorium, a tenth of its actual size. Along the perimeter of the facade, twenty loudspeakers sprout like austere stone flowers. All you need to do is lend an ear to the future repertoire. The sensation is somewhat surreal; there are construction sites and building cranes all about, but you press your ear to a stone flower and listen to Tchaikovsky, for example, performed by the Latvian virtuoso Baiba Skride together with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.
by Another Travelguide



  1. How unique and amazing

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Étonnante machine à musique. N'y-a-t-il pas à craindre pour nos oreilles ?

    1. Il est tentant belle et douce ... un vrai régal !!

      Grand merci. Bel été en amitié.


  3. Looks like a lovely and interesting installation! #mysundayphoto


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