april spirits, 5 - close to


Willst du immer weiterschweifen?
Sieh, das Gute liegt so nah.
Lerne nur das Glück ergreifen,
denn das Glück ist immer da.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



  1. Ha. I'm gonna tell you… OK, I like both images. But the second one… mmm... the second one has a better bokeh. Look how cute the background is. Nice shot indeed.

  2. Danke für solch Schönheit. Und die Inspiration. Zum Glück.

    Einen tollen Donnerstag dir.

  3. This is one of my favourite flowers... in Norway we call it "pearlflower".
    Wonderful photos of this beauty.

    Have a nice day Isabella : )


  4. More beautiful flowers from the queen of the macros.
    you manage to compose very well the images.

    · Küsse mein freundin

    · CR · & · LMA ·

  5. Pearlflower!!! A much better name than grape hyacinth!!! The second one is my favourite of the two. After reading Roger's comment, I went back, and I think he explains why I prefer that one...

  6. Imagem fantástica!

    ♪♫ Boa semana!
    ღ° Beijinhos do Brasil ღ

  7. Hey Isabella...
    A delicate photos ...maybe spring is on the road now..:)
    I send you kisses..:)

  8. Love your flower-poems, Isabella, I think it is easy to recognize your photos among thousands

  9. Your close-ups are amazing Isabella!

    Sincerest greetings from the Netherlands,


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