special ways

I get the ways in which people attain knowledge almost
as admirable as the nature of the things themselves

- Johannes Kepler - 



  1. That is so Christmas, beautiful. I love the background light, most interesting! :)

  2. Cool shot!
    Love your heading photo, Isabella!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I have to say, this photo would make a gorgeous Christmas card. :) I know second comment, but it's very lovely!

  4. Good morning dear Eaton,

    and I LOVE your comments and your thoughts very, very much. I agree with you and I'll make some Christmas cards with this motif.

    I send you cordially greetings and wish you a lovely weekend ♥

    your isabella

  5. Good morning Nita,

    thank you so much for your stopping-by and your nice word !!

    warm hugs from 4U

  6. We have a word in French for this kind of work: "Dépouillé". Not exactly simple, maybe rather simplified, I don't know. So dépouillé it is in my mind. All the extraneous elements are taken out, leaving in only the essential lines. This is one moving photograph, dear Isabella.

  7. magnifique !!! j'adore cette simplicité dépouillée


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