Some things are more precious because they don't last long. 

Oscar Wilde



  1. Olá !
    Esta foto está um espanto!! Elegância, beleza de cores.

  2. What a beauty! Love the colours!

    Have a nice day Isabella! : )

  3. Eine herzige Akelai, wie in Großmutters Garten.

  4. Wunderbare Foto-Poesie liebe Isabella...

    Herzlichst und alles Liebe


  5. Hello Isabella

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful shot...... it's really lovely !

    warm greetings and kisses, Joop

  6. Oui, c'est l'adjectif approprié ! Très belle image !

  7. Oscar W is right - but I would love some things last forever. Hugs!

  8. Comme c'est beau, magie des couleurs et de la lumière !
    je te souhaite un beau weekend de Pentecôte !
    bisous fleuris liebe Isabella

  9. Dear Isabella, Oscar Wild was right. It's too sad that this fragile and beautiful flower soon will not be blooming.

    This wild flower is very graceful with all this beautiful lines. That is amazing what nature and a photographer can create. I see this lines and my eyes look at the background and I wonder is it forest or not?

    You always add a mystery to you photography.

    Beautiful, this is so beautiful, my dear Isabella!!!

    I wish you a very peaceful week and creative!

    I send you my love and very best wishes, my dear friend!!!


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