pequeños tesoros II, 2011


Jeglicher Anlaß sei dir für eine Aufmerksamkeit recht.




  1. I like this shot very much Isabella.

    wish you a lovely weekend.

    kisses, Joop

  2. This is poetic to me. My compliments, dear Veredit!

  3. Vollkommne Poesie! liebe Isabaella, wunderschön!!!

    Herzlichst und alles Liebe


  4. Dear Isabella, this is so poetic and so stunning.

    There is poetry and lyrics in this amazing image. I love this subtle blur and a little bit of sharpness. It is so gentle and so soft.

    How can be beautiful simple flowers. You showed their gentle and simple beauty in such a loving way.

    This is very touching and beautiful picture.

    Have a nice and peaceful weekend. And creative!

    Greetings from Kaya.

  5. Ah... un superbe fondu !

    It takes a bit of daring to do this... maybe only because about nobody does it! I like it very much, dear Isabella.


  6. A great treasure...Great photo ! Sweet and beautiful, like allways...
    What talent you have ! Thank you for these wonderful photos.

    Nice week-end



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