winter illusion


photography, as we all know,
is not real at all.
It`s an illusion of reality
with which we create
our own private world.

 Arnold Newmann



  1. Liebe Isabella, einem gemaltem Gedicht kommt Dein wunderschönes Foto gleich...

    Liebe Grüsse von mir zu Dir


  2. Die Fotografie ist nicht real, das ist wahr ... Aber ich frage mich, wie die reale Welt real ist? Gibt es eine Möglichkeit zu wissen?

    ein tolles Foto ... mehr wahr als eine jede Stadt ...

  3. Beautiful blue shot!
    Love your heading photo!

    Have a nice new week! ; )

  4. Couldn't be truer. I mean about photography. Well, you know what I am and how I think. Starting with the fact that photography is an illusion of some sort, why not go all the way and modify the result at will?

    If I could, I would be a painter. But there's the glitch, I cannot.

    Beautiful monochromatic (almost) photo BTW. Cyan all the way, with only a touch of blue… I like it very much. Gone are the days where the only lenses we had were pinholes… and this, of course, adds to the illusion.

  5. Stimme ihm vollständig zu.

    Wunderbar in Szene gesetzt. Eine gute neue Woche dir.

  6. i haven't done much photography since my return but your photography are very inspiring me to get out there & shoot. so wintery feeling.

  7. This one looks so cold!!! I prefer the photo in the next post, with all those yellow leaves catching the sun!!!
    And I still think your header is breath-taking!!

  8. I just love this one, Isabella, the blues and soft focus! :)

  9. Truly beautiful!
    The blue color are so great. And the poem to!
    From Hilda

  10. Amen, dear Isabella - as you may guess, this one I would love to make myself. But I am happy that you have done it - it is just beautiful!

  11. liebe Isabella ! wie es Maria bei mir geschrieben hat,
    wie 3 lieben BLAU ! dein bild ist wunderschön !
    sanfter gibt es nicht !
    liebe grüsse und blaue bisous !


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