autumn delights


 Kunst gibt nicht das Sichtbare wieder, 
sondern macht sichtbar. 

Paul Klee 




  1. Liebe Isabella,

    Deine Fotokunst berührt und erfreut! Foto-Poesie vom Allerfeinsten...

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  2. This is wonderful! Such a beautiful light... This is ART and POESI :)
    Hugs Halina

  3. I love both of these - the light, the soft colour ..the detail. Beautiful.

  4. I'm back after a hectic summer, dear Isabella… sorry if it's been so long, but we just came into our new wonderful home where there is still much to be done yet… Anyway.

    Both photographs are very delicate even if I slightly prefer the first one for reasons that I can't explain even to myself.

    Nice work, Isabella. Right now I'm rather into tourist shots, nothing's perfect…


  5. Wow!! I kept scrolling between the two shots, trying to decide which I prefer, but they are just both so wonderful!! I love the spiderweb in the fern photo, and the shadows in the mushroom photo, especially!!

  6. Both are lovely...but the mushrooms...superb!!!

  7. love the colors in the first shot and the mushrooms are very clear and crisp. :)

  8. Very delicate, very gentle, amazing artistic photographs.

    I love these two images tremendously, my dear Isabella.

    Brilliant photography!!!!

    I wish you all the best, my dear Isabella.


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