the whole

Not only is there but one way of doing things rightly,
 but there is only one way of seeing them,
 and that is, seeing the whole of them.

 John Ruskin 



  1., liebe Isabella, ein Traum von einem Foto!

    Herzlichst Rosanna

  2. The water and the flying bird, brilliant.

  3. Beautiful Isabella!
    Have a nice week! : )

  4. Lovely light and reflections..... great shot Isabella.

    Wish you a nice week.

    Kisses, Joop

  5. Isabella, this is a fabulous photograph! Gold light, a beautiful bird and amazing gold reflections on the water.

    Everything is in motion. Beautiful and poetic motion!

    I thought about how beautiful can be our world. Thank you very much for this unbelievable beauty.

    Many compliments and a big BRAVO for this art!

    I wish you a beautiful week and creative.

    Hugs from Kaya.

  6. Una imagen muy bella, un gran trabajo!! Saludos!!

  7. Incredible!! I did not realize how much of a difference the bird could make to those waves!!

  8. ein wunderschönes bild, es öffnet das herz und dringt tief in dich hinein... grenzenlose freiheit und frohsinn.
    dir ein wunderbares wochenende, liebe isabella!

  9. my dear friends,

    my warmest thanks for your so wonderful comments. I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a golden October!

    hugs and kisses


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