and then the sea, 2


Wenn der Wind sich dreht, drehen sich alle Wetterfahnen.

von Pierre Jean Beckx 


 this Black & White photo series was done in St. Peter-Ording, Northsea with iPhone 4S and Hipstamatic



  1. Isabella, this is a visual poem about wind and its whispers and its power.

    If the wind will change... I wonder how the wind affect our moods?

    I love B&W photography. Perhaps, one day I will try it.

    You created a beautiful moments with shades of gray. I like how they are getting darker and bring to us the drama of the sky. And then the wind lightens them.

    This is timeless and priceless black and white photograph!!!

    I love it very much.

    I send to you my love, my dear friend Isabella.

  2. Wonderful framing and light in this monochrome image.


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