Hörst du, wie um unser Haus
Geht der Wind?
Wein' dir nicht die Augen aus,
Liebes Kind!
Wolke, Wind und Herzensgram
Bald vergeht,
Blauer Himmel wundersam
Drüber steht.
Weine, weine nicht so sehr!
Längst hat Ruh'
Eine, die – 's ist lange her –
Litt wie du.

Paul Keller



  1. Dear Isabella, I feel the wind and I see a little motion.

    I am not sure how long this moment would last but this is a magical moment. It filled with a beauty of early evening light, with fragility and strength of these plants.

    It is a cloudy day but the sun tries to reach these plants. There is only a touch of it but this touch is beautiful with a subtle golden color. And this is amazing how you captured it.

    I love these fabulous pictures, they are perfect and very poetic.

    And a little poem is very touching.

    Warm hugs and the best wishes to you, my dear Isabella.

  2. Grossartig liebe Isabella! Foto-Poesie vom allerfeinsten...

    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  3. Hallo Liebe Isabella

    das ist WUNDERBAR...... sehr tolle bilder !!!

    Liebe Grüsse und eine schönen tag gewünscht, Joop

  4. Suavidad y delicadeza es lo que me transmite....muy bonita.


  5. I like the simplicity of this. You have these plants standing out alone from the background which looks busy, yet these plants instil a feeling of utter calm and peace in a mad world.


  6. So soft and so lovely. It calms the mind. Wonderful!

  7. Me encantan, Isabella!! qué suavidad y delicadeza en estas fotos!!

  8. This is so great and artistic as only you can do it! I wish to have this on my wall!!:-)


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