a port, ships and shells


Deine Aufmerksamkeit sollte so beweglich sein, daß du sie augenblicklich auf ganz unterschiedliche Gegenstände und Personen richten kannst, die dir begegnen.

Philip Dormer Stanhope Lord Chesterfield, 1694 - 1773



  1. Isabella, this is something new and different. And I love it a lot. What is amazing and fabulous that you combined two different themes and did it so masterfully.

    I love so much these sculptures. They are simple and beautiful in their simplicity. And a ship gave such amazing perspective and depth of field. Simply wonderful!!!

    These are absolutely stunning art works. Very contemporary!!!

    I wish you a beautiful week, happy and creative, dear Isabella.

  2. Als würde das Leben sich anstrengen müssen, so viel Zeit zu haben wie die Muscheln.

    Einen guten Mittwoch dir.

  3. I don't much care about ships, but contrasting them with the shells makes even the ships beautiful!!!


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