veredit-photographic-poems 2012 - the new calendar !!!


veredit-photographic-poems 2012 - the new calender
by veredit - isabella kramer
ist da!

Fotopoesie für das Jahr 2012 ... 

44 x 30 cm, stabiler ringgebundener Wandkalender
12 Blatt + Deckblatt - Kalender wird auf hochwertigem Bilderdruckpapier mit einer Grammatur von 250 Gramm gedruckt.

Preis 29,95 € ...incl. Hochglanzveredelung (Selbstkostenpreis !) + Versandkosten (innerhalb Deutschlands 4,40 Euro - EU - Ausland 6,90 Euro )

zum Bestellen bitte Kontakt per Nachricht oder Email an:
Isabella Kramer:



  1. This is truly exceptional work, dear Isabella. While I was not looking too closely, you seem to have made a giant step forward. Delicate use of colour, almost subdued at times.

    I'm sorry if was away for so long a period. This was not a summer that I will remember fondly. Things are shaping up though, so you will have to suffer my presence more frequently! :-)


  2. Roger, my dear friend,

    I'm a little bit speechless about your so wonderful comment ... and I'm very happy about it, warm thanks to you.

    it's so nice to read you again. let's try to make the future good, so we have power, for the dark days who will come, perhaps

    warm hugs

  3. Hello, veredit.

    Your work is delicate.
    They have translucency.
    Fresh colors.

    They harmonize very much!!

    A good week.
    From Japan.

  4. Hello my friend from Japan,

    thank you so much for your nice comment. I appreciate so much !

    my best wishes for you,

  5. Very nice calendar..... lovely work Isabella.

    warm greetings and a hug, Joop

  6. I don't recall having seen your work before. My loss! I love the cover page for the calendar, and the photo of the daffodil with the tulips in the background is stunning!!!


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