Fine Art Snails 2017 going for Gold !!!


Fine Art Snails 2017 Calendar 

My new Fine Art Snail Calendar 2016 is available.  
Celebrate every month of the new year with one of these twelve funny and so beautifully photographed snails. Cute little moments to open your sense for the magical world of small things around us. For the 2st time in the publishing commercially available, to be ordered at the following link -> Calvendo Publisher

CALVENDO has chosen this calendar for its Gold Edition.

 "Dear Isabella, We’re delighted to inform you that your project Fine Art Snails Project ID: 533060 has been selected for the CALVENDO GOLD Edition 2016. Congratulations! For this edition, the Calvendo UK team has selected 50 calendars that are of particularly high quality out of more than 3,000 published calendars.The choice is based on criteria such as layout, image quality, composition of images and originality.... "

I'm so happy about this great honor. 


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