just do it!


Do all you can to make your dreams come true....
- Joel Osteen -

 part of: Skywatch Friday and Weekend Reflection and Mandarin Orange Monday



  1. Jak się już coś zamarzy, to trzeba dążyć do spełnienia tego marzenia, byle to było marzenie realne. Zdjęcie jako dodatek do cytatu jest śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    As we have something gusto, then you need to strive to fulfill this dream, as long as it was a real dream. Photo in addition to the quote is beautiful. Yours.

  2. Ein WUNDERSCHÖNES bild.....mit tolle farben.

    Lebe grüsse, Joop

  3. Isabella, this photograph is a dream come true.

    Everything is so still, so peaceful. And fantastic reflection of a golden light in the water. Dark forest a little bit frightening but this is night and it is silent and beautiful.

    Only a big artist could create such beauty. Isabella, whatever you do with photography it's beautiful and spectacular.

    I wish you many moments of inspiration!

    Always yours Kaya.

  4. You know, dear Isabella, I would add: "… and bring the love of your life with you on the water in order to share such a magical moment."

    There is this feeling of solitude, of loneliness, in this image. And maybe it adds to its beauty through its philosophical content.

    Maybe this fisherman is quite happy and at ease with his solitude. Or maybe this fisherman broods over his loneliness in the dying day. I don't know.

    Another dying day in a dying life… it makes me feel kind of desperate.


  5. Gorgeous! I love your header too.

  6. That sun set on a lake is so gorgeous !

    To answer to the quote : yes, I do ! My dreams came true for years ago, when I started my blog (lune de male daumon) : I became a published author, instead of staying a bitter novellist working for other "writer" that wanted a good book to show off in the light of the mass media...

  7. Vor so einem Bild bin ich wunschlos glücklich ;)
    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntag.

  8. So peaceful... Golden light... Love this photo Isabella!

    Have a nice week! ; )

  9. What a perfectly beautiful photograph that you shared with Mandarin Orange Monday. I would love to be there right now!

  10. I just love the picture... so full of beauty and color!

  11. Such a stunning photo! The colors are gorgeous. I also love your blogger header and the drops of water on the branches and leaves.


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