golden moments



  Denn Augen haben und Betrachten ist nicht dasselbe.

Augustinus Aurelius



  1. Good photowork Isabella

    ich wünsch dir ein schöne letzte woche in 2011.

    Liebe grüsse, Joop

  2. Liebe Isabella, eine grossartige Fotografie. Foto-Poesie vom Feinsten...

    Liebe Grüsse Dir


  3. Golden moments....

    Light is your friend, dear Isabella. It helps you to find this golden and very special moments.

    That is fantastic photograph. It filled with memories of autumn. These leaves once upon a time were full of life.

    You brought them to their life again with your beautiful imagination.

    You showed this wonderful golden transparency!!! They are very fragile these leaves. I feel it.

    Beautiful, extremely beautiful!!!!!

    Hugs and nice 2012 wishes to you, dear Isabella.

  4. Como siempre preciosa la foto amiga.

    Felices fiestas y próspero año nuevo.

  5. Subtil... wonderful... Sweet...
    I love your photo.

    Nice end of Year...

  6. Joop, Hans-Peter, Kaya, Antonio Jesús and Nathanaëlle,

    many thanks for your so beautiful comments. I wish you all a wonderful rest of the day in the old year, a nice New Year's Eve and all the luck for the new year.

    hugs and kisses


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