female moments - fm 31


female moments - fm 31
from: Isabella Kramer
iphone 3 & hipstamatic
lense john s
film Ina's 1969



  1. Isabella...how gorgeous the elegant Pussycat......!!

    FABULOUS & ELEGANTISSIMA.....so too the new PHOTO of YOU!!

    .....So very RAFFINATO & BEAUTIFUL ...without any doubt very ELEGANT as YOU ARE....!!!!!

    ( I see even Greta Garbo in your PORTRAIT...but with so much more CHARME & WARMTH....!!!!)

    ciao ciao Isabella & magnifico weekend!!!!

  2. Uysss que gatito tan mono...

    Saludos y buen fin de semana.

  3. que tranquilito se le ve!!

    Dan ganas de acariciarlo.


  4. aww so cute! looks like a comfy place :)


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