red inspiration II


Gegen Schmerzen der Seele gibt es nur zwei Arzneimittel: Hoffnung und Geduld.




  1. Isabella, these are truly magnificent photographs. They become abstract compositions in color. I love them.

  2. Gracias por comentar de nuevo en Fotopanorama, y gracias por seguirme durante estos meses. Estoy orgullosa de tenerte entre mis seguidores.
    Estas dos sinfonias en rojo son exquisitas como todas tus trabajos. Besos!

  3. Hoffnung, konzentrierte Geduld.

    Mehr als nur gebraucht heute am Nachmittag. Danke für die netten Worte. Bedeuten viel. Den Freitag gut dir.

    daily athens

  4. Wow - this is stunning!

  5. Empfindlich und traumhaft ...

    Kuesse fuer dich, liebe Isabella!

  6. Fantastica!

    Todo un placer poder disfrutar de tus trabajos.


  7. I deeply thank for your warm heart and thoughts...

    We did not know the real nature of the object which we made.
    We have done an irreparable thing.
    The monster of the uncontrollability. . .

    I am ashamed for world friends.
    I apologize to everybody as Japanese one.
    However, you do not need to forgive Japan which polluted the earth.

    But this is already enough.
    The monster is already unnecessary.
    Convenience. Luxury. Comfort.
    Even if all of them are robbed of it, I am enough if there is the beautiful earth.

    From Japan, ruma


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